CW Tunable Laser

Tunable lasers are ideal applications in broadband (e.g., Raman spectroscopy, semiconductor studies) through single-frequency, high-resolution spectroscopy studies (e.g., laser cooling and trapping, optical pumping).

mbr-ring-series mbd-200
MBR Ring Series MBD-200
MBR ring series is a family of high-performance and ultra-stable tunable CW Ti:Sapphire lasers. Featuring monolithographic resonator design, it delivers the highest passive stability and the highest power from a CW tunable Ti:Sapphire laser. The MBD-200 Monolithic Block Doubler is an efficient frequency doubler for use with single-frequency sources, such as the MBR-110 or 899 ring laser. The technique of resonant frequency doubling is used to achieve high-efficiency doubling without compromising the performance of the fundamental laser source.