Fibre Delivery

aeroGUIDE Broadband Single Mode Patch Cords SuperK CONNECT Broadband Fiber Delivery Large Mode Area Photonic Crystal Fibers
The fiber is protected by an armored squarelock steel cable that can handle daily use and even inter-lab routing through walls

  • Truly single-mode
  • Up to 400-2000 nm in one fiber
  • Standard telecom connectors
  • PM option
  • Sealed ends with beam expansion
  • Wavelength independent MFD
  • Pure silica fiber
SuperK CONNECT is a unique high performance fiber delivery system complete with broadband fibers and a range of termination options such as FC/PC connectors or collimators

  • Easy Plug’n’Play fiber delivery
  • 400-2000 nm coverage
  • High power levels of 500 mW
  • FC/PC, FC/APC or collimated output
  • Precision fiber coupling unit for stable alignment
  • The best coupling efficiency available
  • PM or non-PM
The fibers are available in polarizing and polarization-maintaining versions.

  • Endlessly single mode operation – no higher order mode cut-off
  • Handles very high average power as well as high peak power
  • Low nonlinearities
  • Low fiber loss
  • Mode field diameter is wavelength independent

Available with core sizes from 5 to 25 microns

Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fibers
  • High threshold power for nonlinear effects
  • Pure silica material
  • Core can be filled with gasses, particles etc
  • Extreme dispersion values for pulse compression/dispersion compensation
  • No Fresnel reflections at open fiber end