Ion Lasers

Since 1969, we’ve provided cutting-edge ion laser technology for applications such as holography, printing, digital imaging, non-destructive testing, spectroscopy, optical pumping, confocal microscopy, flow cytometry, compact disc and DVD mastering, photomask direct imaging, printed circuit board direct imaging, and precision optics inspection.

innova-70 innova-90 innova-300
Innova 70 Innova 90 Innova 300
  • Aluminum resonator structure for fast warm-up and excellent pointing stability
  • Intracavity aperture for precise mode control
  • Linear passbank power supply for low-noise operation
  • Compact digital remote control for ease-of-use
  • Innova Series V plasma tube for long trouble-free lifetime
  • SuperInvar resonator for superior passive stability
  • Single-frequency option for narrow linewidth and long coherence length
  • Intracavity aperture for precise mode control
  • Low-noise linear passbank power supply
  • Compact digital remote control
  • Innova Series V plasma tube for long trouble-free lifetime
  • Both Argon and Krypton versions.
  • SuperInvar resonator for superb beam-pointing and single-frequency performance
  • Linear passbank power supply for lowest noise operation
  • PowerTrack automatic active cavity stabilization for maximum power, best transverse mode, and lowest beam noise
  • ModeTrack/ModeTune active etalon stabilization for mode-hop-free, single-frequency performance over a wide temperature range
  • Innova Series V plasma tube for long, trouble-free lifetime
innova-fred innova-sabre
Innova Fred Innova Sabre  
  • Innova FRED (Frequency-Doubled) lasers use intracavity frequency doubling to produce continuous-wave laser emission in the 229 to 264 nm wavelength range.
  • This portion of the electromagnetic spectrum provides significant utility in a number of applications, such as fiber-grating manufacturing, UV resonance Raman spectroscopy, and semiconductor inspection of manufacturing optics.
  • The Innova Sabre series provides the ultimate in high-power ion laser performance, combined with extraordinary ease-of-use.
  • An extremely stable passive design, combined with performance-enhancing active stabilization, ensure rock-solid operation, day-after-day
  • Multiline power up to 25W.