Optical Table and Breadboards

Our new Nexus® Optical Table Workstations adapt our large vibration isolation optical tables to incorporate many of the design innovations of the breadboard-based ScienceDesk workstations. We provide standard and optional accessories, and offer compatibility with ScienceDesk accessories so you can build a unique and integrated vibration isolation table workstation for photonics, imaging, and microscopy applications.

One High Quality Level Nexus® Optical Table is a single high-quality grade of tables and breadboards manufactured in various sizes by Thorlabs. They are suitable for photonics, imaging, and microscopy applications and provide quality and vibration isolation performance that exceeds the highest level of our former product line. Each size is individually optimized, and each table ships with a unique test data certificate.

Thorlabs Optical Tables Thorlabs Optical Workstations Thorlabs ScienceDesk Workstations
Thorlabs’ optical tables provide a thermally stable, rigid base for assembling high-precision systems and performing vibration-sensitive experiments.

Thorlabs offers many optical table sizes with thicknesses of 210 mm, 310 mm, or 460 mm; thicker optical tables will be stiffer. They’re offered with sealed mounting holes for managing spills, non-magnetic steel, or through ports for managing cables.

These workstations are designed to support Thorlabs breadboards up to 1200 mm x 1800 mm in size. The systems are based on four independent, air mounted, active vibration isolators which are self leveling with a repeatability of ±0.25 mm (0.010″).

The pneumatic isolators in the active isolation support frames require a constant source of pressurized air, such as that provided by our compressor.

ScienceDesk Anti-Vibration tables are high-quality, ergonomic workstations ideal for use in photonics applications.

A modular system of accessories is available for constructing a custom work area suited to your needs.

Below are links to size specific active-air (self-leveling) and passive isolation systems as well as a rigid frame for applications that are not vibrations sensitive.

Honeycomb Optical Breadboards Faraday Enclosures Custom Optical Tables
The Honeycomb optical breadboards are intrinsically damped and are an ideal solution for applications requiring minimal vibration damping.

Offer in difference sizes and thickness.

Thorlabs’ Standalone Faraday Enclosure consists of a taut copper mesh that protects against these external sources of interference. Thorlabs Key Capabilities

Customized Broadband Large, Multiple-Table Joined Systems Custom Shapes and Finishes Cleanroom Compatible Options

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Laminar Flow Enclosure Thorlabs Laser Curtain Kit Air Compressor
Thorlabs’ Laminar Flow Enclosures are designed to create a clean environment around 1.2 m x 2.0 m (4′ x 6′) Nexus optical tables by providing an enclosed air volume and filtration system to help minimize contamination. Thorlabs’ Laser Curtain Kits include all components needed to mount laser curtains to a Nexus® Optical Table Workstation Frame that has an overhead shelving unit installed or directly to our Free-Standing Shelves. Kits that fully enclose a 1 m x 2 m, 1.2 m x 2 m, or 1.2 m x 2.5 m optical table are available. Air Compressors can generate up to 8 bars of air pressure while providing low noise operation (50 dB(A) at 1 m away). Each unit is self-contained and compact. The low duty cycle of the compressors helps minimize vibrations.


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