Scientific Cameras

Thorlabs’ Scientific-Grade Cameras are specifically designed for microscopy and other demanding applications. The Zelux™ CMOS cameras have small footprints and provide cost-effective solutions for general-purpose imaging applications. The Quantalux® monochrome sCMOS camera is a fast frame rate imager that combines high dynamic range with extremely low read noise for low light applications. Kiralux™ cameras have CMOS sensors with high quantum efficiency in the same compact housing and are offered in monochrome, color, NIR-enhanced and polarization-sensitive versions.

Our polarization-sensitive CMOS camera is ideal for materials inspection, flaw detection, and other advanced techniques using polarization. Our scientific CCD cameras are available with a variety of features, including versions optimized for operation at UV, visible, or NIR wavelengths; fast-frame-rate cameras; TE-cooled or non-cooled housings; and versions with the sensor face plate removed. An intuitive software package, API and SDK for developers, and third-party software support provide options for custom system control and image acquisition.