Beam Diagnostic Instrument

Measure beam shape, intensity profile, propagation, wavelength and mode.

Lasercam beammaster modemaster
LaserCam-HR Family BeamMaster USB Knife-Edge Based Beam Profilers ModeMaster PC M-Squared (M2) Beam Propagation Analyzer
USB 2.0 bus-powered, High-Resolution Beam Profiling System. The LaserCam-HR II family includes 1/2-inch and 2/3-inch format CCD cameras that provide greater dynamic range and lower noise

Broad spectral range:

  • 150 nm to 1100 nm
  • 400 nm to 1100 nm (with LDFP)
  • 190 nm to 355 nm (with BIP-12F)
  • CW laser beam shape, power and position measurements
  • Beam sizes from 3 µm to 9 mm with 0.1 µm resolution and high dynamic range
  • Wavelengths from 190 nm to 1800 nm
  • Measurement and display of CW laser divergence, M2 and astigmatism
  • Beam sizes 0.2 mm to 25 mm
  • Wavelengths from 220 nm to 15 mm
wavemaster attenuators
WaveMaster Wavelength Meter Attenuators, Beamsplitters and UV Adapters  
  • Pulse and CW Wavelength Measurement
  • 0.005 nm accuracy
  • 0.001nm resolution
  • 380-1095 nm wavelength range
Attenuations 1:1 to 400,000:1, but even larger are possible

  • Variable attenuator
  • Continuously variable attenuator
  • Beam CUBE pickoff
  • Barrel set