Laser Protective Eyewear and Window

Laservision offers a wide variety of Laser protective/alignment eyewear and safety windows for ideal for safe viewing of lasers from outside the normal hazard zone.

We offer a wide range of laser safety eyewear filters that provide varying degrees of protection and visible light transmission (VLT) levels, and a wide selection of frames that offer comfort, style, durability, and maximum field of view.

Quick tips on how to select the proper protective eyewear:

  1. Know your laser’s wavelength.
  2. Determine the protection level needed based on your laser’s output parameters, or look for the recommended Optical Density (OD). This can be found in your laser manual.
  3. Select a filter whose specifications match the above information. Choose one that offers the highest visibility (VLT).

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email.


Laser Protective Eyewear

To be able to offer all laser operators the perfect laser safety eyewear, laservision develops and manufactures, among other standard spectacles more than hundred special filters with single-CE marking per year.

This results mainly out of laservision’s enormous experience with the handling of different materials, as plastics, mineral glasses or endowed special glasses, as well as out of the control of the technology for combining absorption- and reflection filters.

Laser Safety Window

Based on your specific laser application, acrylic, glass and polycarbonate windows can be custom sized. Our windows are designed for all laser environments, including doors, rooms, panels, curtains and enclosures.

  • Low weight, good optical properties
  • Available for many laser and laser combinations
  • Most window filter certified acc. EN207 with 5s and 10s
  • Dimensions up to 3000mm x 2000mm for certain materials
  • Some filters available in 3mm or 6mm thickness

Laser Safety Active Window

Latest Safety Solutions for Industrial High Powered Lasers

Lasers continue to increase in power. Standard laser safety windows are often unable to reach the required protection rating. The Active Window is an acrylic CE certified laser viewing window with built-in sensors that detect industrial high-powered lasers (wavelength range 820 – 1100 nm). If a stray beam hits the window, the laser will immediately shut down.

Easy Set-up. A complete system built into the frame for easy installation, setup and integration into safety circuits.

  • Active protection solution
  • Certified category T1 for automated operation without supervision
  • Wavelength range 820 – 1100 nm
  • CE certified, EG-machinery directive
  • Tested with 16 kW fiber laser
  • Easy integration into safety circuits
  • Specifications
  • P1P01.1003
  • Size: 590 x 895 mm