CO2 and CO Lasers

Diamond J Series Diamond C Series Diamond E Series
Compact, sealed CO2 lasers offering power range from 150W to 400W at 9.4 µm and 10.6 µm.

All J-Series lasers, regardless of power or wavelength, feature a common mechanical, electrical, optical, software and control interface with the only difference between models being overall package length

Power ranges from 20W-70W, available in both air-cooled and water-cooled.

Sealed CO2 lasers are the best power–size ratio available in the market. The RF driver is mounted in the same housing as the laser head, resulting in a compact and robust system.

The E-Series features a broad range of products including the E-150 (150W), E-250 (250W), E-400 (400W) and our 1 kW version
Diamond CO Laser 5um Diamond G Diamond Gem
DIAMOND CO Laser 5um wavelength DIAMOND G-Series DIAMOND GEM-Series
Output power >200W

A new generation of carbon monoxide (CO) lasers from Coherent, promise enhanced processing characteristics in applications ranging from glass, ceramic and film cutting and drilling, through medical and aesthetics fractional skin resurfacing

Available in a unique, integrated OEM package, and operate in a pulsed mode up to 100 kHz. G-Series lasers are based on diffusion-cooled, slab technology that enables a compact, and scaleable laser to be housed within a single resonator sealed DIAMOND GEM-100 CO2 lasers are available as air- or water-cooled units and are delivered with a separate RF power supply.  Overall, the GEM-100 low-power lasers deliver exceptional value, performance and reliability.