CO2 and CO Lasers

DIAMOND CO2 C and Cx Series DIAMOND COJ Series DIAMOND J-3-5 CO Laser – 5µm
Coherent’s DIAMOND C-Series and Cx-Series sealed CO2 lasers are the best power–size ratio available in the market, based on a waveguide design assembled in an integrated package.

Power ranges from 20W-120W, available in both air-cooled and water-cooled.

Key applications for these lasers are laser marking (i.e. Consumer packaging & beverages), engraving, sintering and cutting. In addition, these lasers are used in converting applications like laser scoring of flexible packages and medical applications.

Coherent DIAMOND J-Series are compact, sealed, CO2 lasers that simplify integration and minimize time-to-market for laser system builders.

J Series products are available in powers ranging from 150W to 500W, and output wavelengths of 10.6 µm and 9.4 µm.

This enables them to service a wide range of tasks in cost and space-sensitive applications such as converting, marking, engraving, cutting, perforating and drilling.

The long wave infrared output of these CO2 lasers makes them compatible with numerous organic materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic films, textiles, leather, wood, plastics, and carbon composites, as well as glass and even thin metals.

A new generation of carbon monoxide 5um (CO) lasers from Coherent, promise enhanced processing characteristics in applications ranging from glass, ceramic and film cutting and drilling, through medical and aesthetics fractional skin resurfacing.

  • >250W output power at 5 µm (mid-IR)
  • Stable pulsed and CW operation
  • Beam focusability down to 25 µm


Coherent Diamond E-1000 Series are sealed, pulsed CO2 lasers offering maximum

powers up to 1 kW in a fully integrated and compact package. By

incorporating the RF power supply within the laser head the E-Series

completely eliminates the RF umbilical increasing laser reliability and

simplifying integration into a workstation or robotic tool.

  • Wide operating power range
  • Typical peak power >3 kW
  • Pulse frequency from single-shot to 200 kHz
  • Fast rise/fall time
  • Outstanding beam quality
  • Excellent power stability
  • Low-cost OEM configuration
  • Integrated but detachable RF