DIY Microscope Component

Cerna™ Microscopes: Preconfigured Optical Paths Cerna™ Series: Modular Microscopy Systems and Components
Cerna microscopes offer preconfigured optical paths for experiments that would benefit from a large working space underneath the objective. Eight options are available that support a wide variety of modalities from epi-fluorescence and widefield imaging to Dodt contrast and DIC imaging. We also offer the Cerna Mini Simple Fluorescence Microscope, a simplified version ideal for sample preparation and inspection applications.

  • Mini: Simple Fluorescence Microscope
  • Single-Cube Epi-Illuminator
  • Six-Cube Epi-Illuminator
  • Epi-Illumination and Trans-Illumination Module
  • Six-Cube Epi-Illumination and Trans-Illumination
  • Dodt Contrast Imaging
  • Epi-Fluorescence and Dodt Contrast with Microscope Translator
  • Epi-Fluorescence and DIC in the Visible and NIR
  • Epi-Fluorescence and DIC with XY Platform
Cerna™ is a modular microscopy platform for applications ranging from routine experiments to advanced optical systems. Designed for the user to configure or modify their system to exact experimental requirements, it is especially useful for setups that require large-range adjustment for positioning of the sample or wide-angle access to the objective and other optical components.

  • Large Working Volume Underneath and Around the Objective
  • Modular Design that Enables the User to Customize the Instrument for the Application
  • Full Support for Conventional Microscopy Techniques, Such as Epi-Fluorescence, Dodt Contrast, and DIC Imaging
  • Broad Compatibility with Thorlabs, Industry-Standard, and User-Supplied Add-Ons
  • Interfaces to Thorlabs’ Ø1″ Lens Tubes, Ø2″ Lens Tubes, 30 mm Cage Systems, and 60 mm Cage Systems Let You Build Your Own Microscope
DIY Cerna™ Components: Imaging for Home Builders
Thorlabs’ Cerna microscopy platform addresses the needs of DIY microscopists and system developers. Designed to be completely modular, its broad selection of components enables fully customized setups for widefield viewing, epi-illumination, and transmitted light imaging with in vivo and in vitro specimens. Its large throat depth of 7.74″ defines an exceptionally large working volume, and a system of dovetails makes it simple to mate compatible components together and position them in and around the optical path.

DIY Cerna components are ideal for building a microscope or enhancing an existing system using Thorlabs’ selection of illumination sources, microscopy optics, and lens tube and cage construction systems.