Optical Parametric Amplifier

Topas Prime
Topas Prime OPA Opera Solo OPA Second Harmonic Bandwidth Compressor (SHBC)/TOPAS-400
  • A computer-controlled, modular optical parametric amplifier.
  • Wavelength extension packages to achieve a tuning range of 190 nm to 20,000 nm
  • Energy conversion >30% to 35% to parametric light
  • Input pulse energies up to 3.5 mJ. Higher energy model available.
  • Fully integrated, computer-controlled femtosecond optical parametric amplifiers.
  • Integrates all pump routing optics and wavelength extension options inside one enclosure
  • Extend the tuning capability of ultrafast amplifiers from 190 nm to 20,000 nm
  • The combination of SHBC and TOPAS-400 provides a unique accessory for generating narrow-band, tunable radiation when pumped with the 800 nm output from a femtosecond Legend Elite or Libra amplifier.