Supercontinuum Accessories /Filters

The SuperK Supercontinuum Accessory range has been designed to further increase the flexibility of the SuperK supercontinuum light sources.

The accessories allow access to either particular spectral ranges or specific wavelengths within the ultra broad SuperK spectrum.

All accesories are “plug and play” with any SuperK supercontinuum laser, which then controls and powers the accessory.

LLTF Tunable High Contrast Filter SuperK VARIA tunable single line filter SuperK SELECT multi-line tunable filter
The LLTF Contrast is a continuously tunable high-resolution bandpass filter that effectively converts a NKT Photonics’s supercontinuum source into a widely tunable picosecond laser.

  • Single channel tunable band-pass filter
  • Exceptional out-of-band suppression
  • Narrow line-width and high resolution
  • Ultra-wideband tuning range across the UV-Visible-NIR range
  • High degree of pointing stability
  • Plug-and-play operation
The SuperK VARIA is a cost effective and flexible alternative to a monochromator, effectively turning the SuperK supercontinuum laser into a powerful single-line laser with a 440 nm tuning range and variable bandwidth

  • 400 – 840 nm wideband coverage
  • 10 – 100 nm variable bandwidth, for higher power and reduced speckle
  • >50 dB suppression of out-of-band light
  • High transmission (no polarization loss)
  • Handles high average power
  • Single-mode fiber delivery
  • Available with Power Lock active output power stabilization
  • Fully computer controlled
The SuperK SELECT is equipped with either one or two Acousto-Optic Tunable Filters (AOTF) allowing tunable filtering over two octaves in the visible, nIR or IR spectra. Each octave has its own optical output, which is either a free-space collimated beam as standard or a fiber delivered output. Up to 8 wavelengths can be continuously tuned simultaneously for each AOTF and the power of each wavelength can be controlled through the CONTROL software as well.
SuperK SPLIT Spectral Supercontinuum Splitter SuperK EXTEND-UV Supercontinuum Extension SuperK CONNECT Broadband Fiber Delivery
The SuperK SPLIT is a passive filter which allows the SuperK spectrum to be divided into two spectral outputs. This is important in applications where light from one sub-area of the spectrum is desired and light outside this spectrum is parasitic.

  • Separation of VIS from NIR
  • Industrial proven fiber coupling
  • Various fiber interfaces
  • Plug & play compatible
  • Modular and integrable into the SuperK source
The SuperK EXTEND-UV is a deep-UV supercontinuum spectral extension unit for our SuperK EXTREME and COMPACT supercontinuum lasers. Get tunable UV light from a robust fiber laser source with 270-480 nm range and 2-80 µW output power.

  • Pulsed deep UV output
  • Tunable in the 265-480 nm range
  • Short pulses down to 20 ps
  • 2-12 nm bandwidth
  • Polarized UV and visible output
  • Powered by the SuperK EXTREME or COMPACT
  • VIS and IR broadband output ports
SuperK CONNECT is a unique high performance fiber delivery system complete with broadband fibers and a range of termination options such as FC/PC connectors or collimators. Interfacing is handled by the CONNECT precision fiber coupling unit that ensure easy and stable single-mode coupling that can be disconnected and reconnected without alignment.

  • Easy Plug’n’Play fiber delivery
  • 400-2000 nm coverage
  • High power levels of 500 mW
  • FC/PC, FC/APC or collimated output
  • Precision fiber coupling unit for stable alignment
  • The best coupling efficiency available
  • PM or non-PM