Femtosecond Lasers

The ultrafast pulses delivered by femtosecond lasers enable the most demanding, high precision micro-structuring tasks in industrial and ophthalmic applications, and are employed when quality is of utmost importance. Femtosecond product families with wavelengths around 1035nm and 517nm green, repetition rates up to 1 MHz, and pulse widths up to 900 fs

Axon Compact Ultrafast Laser Sources Monaco HE Ultrafast Ytterbium Amplifier Monaco Femtosecond Laser
Coherent Axon series is the first family of femtosecond lasers that Coherent has specifically designed for instrumentation and OEM integration.

Axon 920 is ideal for two-photon excitation of green fluorophores and calcium indicators such as GCaMP.

Similarly, the Axon 1064 laser is perfect for red-shifted indicators.


  • Multiphoton Excitation (MPE) Microscopy
  • Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) Microscopy
  • Two Photon Polymerization
  • Nano-Processing
  • Semiconductor Metrology
  • Supercontinuum Generation
  • Terahertz Generation
Coherent Monaco HE 1030nm is the newest addition to the Monaco ultrafast amplifier family. Delivering 2 mJ, up to 10 kHz), high power (>25 W up to 250 kHz), and with the ability to vary pulse width.


  • Time-Resolved Spectroscopy
  • Multidimensional Spectroscopy
  • Material Processing
  • Optical Parametric Amplifier Pumping
  • 2-Photon Polymerization
  • THz Generation
The Monaco ultrashort pulse laser provides 60 W of IR, 30 W of green, or 25 W of UV power for 24/7 production environments.

The standard pulsewidth of Monaco is <350 fs for all wavelengths. This pulsewidth is user-adjustable to >10 ps in the IR.

Picosecond Lasers

HyperRapid NXT Series

Rapid NX

HyperRapid NXT is an industrial picosecond laser series is designed and manufactured for 24/7 operation in a variety of environmental conditions. High average power operation at >100 W across a wide range of repetition rates up to 4 MHz, allows for high throughput micro-machining with the highest quality and no heat affected zone.

  • Single wavelength output:1064 nm, 532 nm, or 355 nm
  • Unique combination of power and operational flexibility delivers significantly reduced cost-per-part for micromachining applications
  • SmartPulse™ offers total pulse control to the user
  • PulseEQ provides equal, perfectly stabilized pulse energy down to single shots with maximum timing accuracy.
  • Compact and light weight, common interfacing for all models
RAPID NX is a high energy picosecond laser system that offers <15 ps pulses at 1 MHz in a cost-effective package that is fit for the most demanding 24/7 industrial precision micromachining applications where the ablation quality and system cost are of the highest priority.

  • 7W at 1064 nm
  • Repetition rate range from 50 kHz to 1000 kHz
  • Up to 50 µJ pulse energy
  • Pulse on demand
  • Seeder burst mode
  • High beam quality M2 <1.3
  • Superior beam parameter and pointing stability across the complete PRF range
  • Fully field serviceable
  • Low maintenance