Mid IR accessories

Amplified MCT™ Mid IR SM/MM Fluoride Fiber optical Patch Cables Quantum and Interband Cascade Lasers
Amplified MCT™ Mid-IR Pulsed Laser Detector: Room-Temperature Operation

The Amplified MCT Detector is a natural fit with DRS Daylight’s pulsed mid-IR lasers and gives you 245° K performance and sub-3 ns rise time without external cooling. It packs a fully integrated receiver with embedded IR detector, low-noise amplifier, and temperature controller into one compact package.

  • Broad mid-IR spectral response of 4-12 µm
  • High sensitivity, with D* > 2.5 x 109 cm.Hz½/W
  • Active area of 1 mm x 1 mm
  • Wide 78° Field of View
  • Room-temperature operation, with a two-stage TEC for cooling to 245° K
  • AC-coupled photoconductive configuration ideal for pulsed laser detection
Single Mode Fluoride Fiber Optic Patch Cables

  • Single Mode Operation from 2.3 µm to 4.1 µm for Zirconium Fluoride (ZrF4) or 3.2 µm to 5.5 µm for Indium Fluoride (InF3)
  • Transmission from 285 nm to 4.5 µm for Zirconium Fluoride (ZrF4) or 310 nm to 5.5 µm for Indium Fluoride (InF3)

Multimode Fluoride Fiber Optic Patch Cables

  • Indium Fluoride (InF3) for 310 nm – 5.5 µm orZBLAN Zirconium Fluoride (ZrF4) for 285 nm – 4.5 µm
  • InF3 Core Size: Ø100 µm or Ø200 µm ZrF4 Core Size: Ø100 µm, Ø200 µm, Ø450 µm, or Ø600 µm
The MIR quantum and interband cascade lasers on this webpage are offered in high heat load (HHL) packages with industry-standard pinouts and package dimensions.

Each package incorporates a built-in thermistor and thermoelectric cooler (TEC) for active temperature management and prolonged laser lifetime, and also includes an internal aspheric lens that collimates the laser’s output.

  • Single-Wavelength Distributed Feedback Quantum or Interband Cascade Lasers (DFB QCLs and ICLs)
  • High Heat Load Package Simplifies Thermal Management and System Integration
  • Collimated Laser Emission Through Wedged Window
  • Used in Chemical Analysis, Sensing, and IR Countermeasures
  • Custom Packages and Wavelengths from 3 to 12 µm
MIR Free-Space Isolators (2.20 – 9.80 µm) MIR Detector Cards Fourier Transform Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Thorlabs’ Free-Space Adjustable Narrowband MIR Optical Isolators are designed for use in the MIR spectral range (2.20 – 9.80 µm).

  • Minimize Feedback into Optical Systems
  • Free-Space Input and Output Ports
  • Minimum Isolation of 29 dB or Higher at Center Wavelength
  • Tunable Center Wavelength
  • Beam Sizes up to Ø3.6 mm
  • Polarization-Dependent Input
  • Six Models Optimized for Different Spectral Ranges
  • Michelson Interferometer Acquires Spectrum via Fourier Transform
  • Includes Windows® Laptop with Pre-Installed Software
  • Minimize Feedback into Optical Systems
  • Free-Space Input and Output Ports
  • Minimum Isolation at Center Wavelength of 30 dB
  • Tunable Center Wavelength
  • Ø3.6 mm Max Beam
  • Polarization-Dependent Input
Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) Controllers

IR Bandpass Filters

Customized fiber delivery module and Mid IR related products
Thorlabs’ Combined Laser Current and TEC Controllers are designed with a high compliance voltages of 17 V (ITC4002QCL) or 20 V (ITC4005QCL), enabling support for our entire selection of Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs).

  • High Compliance Voltage Supports High-Power QCLs
  • 17 V for ITC4002QCL
  • 20 V for ITC4005QCL
  • Drive Lasers with Operating Currents ?2 A (ITC4002QCL) or ?5 A (ITC4005QCL)
  • Continuous Wave (CW) or Quasi-Continuous Wave (QCW) Operation
  • Also Capable of Driving LEDs
  • Active Power Management for Efficient Operation
  • Excellent Temperature Stability: 0.002 °C (24 hrs)
  • Digital PID Control with Separate P, I, D Settings
  • Auto PID Tuning Function
  • Adjustable Temperature Sensor Offset


Thorlabs’ bandpass filters provide one of the simplest ways to transmit light over a well-defined wavelength band, while rejecting other unwanted radiation. Their design is essentially that of a thin film Fabry-Perot interferometer formed by vacuum deposition techniques and consists of two reflecting stacks, separated by an even-order spacer layer.

  • Central Wavelengths from 1.75 to 9.50 µm
  • Wideband Filters with 500 nm Bandpass Region (FWHM)
  • Narrowband Filters Designed for Gas Absorption Lines with Bandwidths from 50 to 250 nm
  • Minimum Transmission at Center Wavelength: 70%
  • Ø1″ or Ø25 mm Mounted Filters with Ø21 mm Clear Aperture
Please contact us to discuss on your application and requirement. We can offer Mid IR related products:

  • Mid-IR Focusing Objectives 2 ?m to 12 ?m
  • Mid IR optics ,Wave Plates, Wire Grid Polarizers
  • HgCdTe (MCT) Amplified Photodetectors from 2.0um – 10.6µm
  • Mid-IR Collimators for SMA Connectors (2 µm to 12 µm)
  • And many more..