Laser safety products

Laser Safety Eyewear & Filters:

To help you quickly find the right laser protection with Laservision USA, we have link you to this Filter Selection Table.

fit-over Goggle universal frame lightweight frame
Fit-over Goggle Universal Frame Lightweight Frame
  • Padded goggle rim provides extra comfort
  • Adjustable elastic strap
  • Optional anti-fog insert accessory
  • Optional metal-reinforced version as R14
  • Foam and rubber seal included with eyewear
  • Lightweight, durable, and excellent for wearing over prescription eyewear
  • Comfortable feel on a face
  • Adjustable sidearms
  • Large lens for greater field of view
  • Lightweight and good face fit for comfort
  • Softflex nose material
  • Temple inclination to five positions
  • Completely metal free

Selection of Frame:

eyewear filterslaser window filters laser safety barriers danger signlaser safety accessories
Eyewear filters/Laser Window filters Laser safety barriers/Curtains Laser safety accessories
  • A wide selection of 2,000+ different laser safety eyewear filters with various protection and visible light transmission (VLT) levels
  • Laser Safety Windows are handy when viewing a Class 3B or Class 4 laser-at-work.
  • Available size options and OD
  • Our Extendable Laser Safety Panels telescope in and out to create a long straight barrier wall of your desired size. Extendable laser safety panels are easy to store as panels can be slid in and out.
  • All our curtain materials withstand direct and diffusely scattered laser light generated by Class 3B or Class 4 lasers as specified with ANSI: Z 136.1 – Section
  • Laser safety signs and label
  • Aluminum Protective Screens
  • Beam Dump
  • Alignment tool/blackout material
  • Many more..