Legeend Elite Cryo
Astrella One-Box Ti:Sapphire Amplifier Legend Elite Family Legend Elite Cryo PA
Astrella is specified to provide >7 mJ pulse energy at 1 kHz, 800 nm at either <35 fs or <100 fs pulse widths.
  • Integrated Vitara seed laser, new pump laser, STAR regenerative amplifier and sealed, compact stretcher/compressor for ultimate stability and reliability
  • HASS* verified for quality and reliability
  • STAR regenerative amplifier engine, high performance and reliability module
  • All major sub-systems thermally-stabilized for reliable long-term performance
  • Innovative, water-only cooled Ti:Sapphire rod assembly for improved beam quality and thermal management
Legend Elite HE+ and HE+ DUO family features an integrated Revolution pump laser and the thermally stabilized E-2 Engine regenerative amplifier platform in a single, compact footprint.

The use of our latest technology, including CEP-grade components, ensures an exceptional mode quality as well a best-in-class energy and pointing stabilities (respectively <0.5% rms and <10 microrad rms) across the product line • Single, integrated, Revolution pump laser enables pulse energy up to >8 mJ

  • Double Evolution pump laser configuration provides pulse energy up to >13 mJ at 1 kHz
  • Simple thermo-electric rod-cooling enables average power up to >16W
  • E-2 Engine, advanced regenerative amplifier platform for unsurpassed performance and reliability
  • Thermally stabilized for long-term environmental stability
  • Ready for seeding with Vitara, Vitesse or Mira oscillators for maximum flexibility and stability
The Legend Elite Cryo PA offers superior performance in various pulsewidths and repetition rate (1, 5 or 10 kHz) configurations.

For the very high power levels achieved in this system, the power amplifier utilizes cryogenic cooling for best efficiencies and beam quality at kHz repetition-rates.

  • High pulse energies of > 20 mJ
  • Variety of pulse duration options to <30 fs available
  • Integrated Evolution pump laser for superior stability (<0.75% rms noise)
  • Multiple interlocks for vacuum, temperature, power, and safety protection
  • High efficiency and compact remotely controlled optical compressor
  • Electronics ready for complete computer control