Titanium powder by Sandvik — the perfect match for additive manufacturing

Our titanium powders Osprey® Ti-6Al-4V Grade 5 and Osprey® Ti-6Al-4V Grade 23 enable the applications of tomorrow, all the way from the most demanding industries on earth to space – and everywhere in between. What could they do for you?

Infrared Spectroscopy for Microplastic Analysis

DRS Daylight Solutions designs and manufactures a range of advanced QCL-IR-based sources and instrumentation ideally suited to Microplastic particles (MPP) research. The Spero® QCL-IR microscope, for example, uses the high brightness of its QCL-IR light engine to enable  wide-field IR imaging (up to 2mm x 2mm FOV) at video-rates, and collect full IR hyperspectral data cubes in tens of seconds. Please contact us to learn how real-time chemical imaging capabilities can advance your research.

Advantages of replacing lamps with SuperK supercontinuum white-light lasers.

Whether you do characterization of optical components, sensor calibration, spectroscopic sorting, or hyperspectral imaging, we think the SuperK can make a big difference for cost, accuracy and throughput in YOUR industrial application. Check out this short movie to learn more or read about the SuperK EVO here https://www.nktphotonics.com/lasers-fibers/product/superk-evo-industrial-supercontinuum-lasers/

Imagine the brightness of a laser with the spectrum of a lamp. Our SuperK lasers deliver bright diffraction limited light from 390-2400 nm. Fiber delivered and collimated. You even get MHz picosecond pulses with tunable repetition rate and adjustable delay. Add one of our filters and you now have an ultra broadband tunable laser.

The sources are robust and reliable, built for intensive use, and can replace multiple single-line lasers as well as broadband sources like ASE sources, SLEDs and lamps.

Learn more about supercontinuum white light lasers in our quick 3 min intro video here

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