Excimer lasers

Coherent has established an optimized, field-proven excimer laser portfolio at all performance levels from compact ultraviolet (UV) light sources and high-power excimer lasers to complete beam delivery systems.
Excimer lasers are available in the following UV laser wavelengths: 157 nm, 193 nm, 248 nm, 308 nm and 351 nm.

Compex Pro Excistar XS Braggstar M
Compex Pro Excistar XS BraggStar M
High pulse energy up to 770mJ, repetition rate up to 100Hz, excimer lasers for material processing, pulsed laser deposition, fiber bragg brating writing and other scientific applications Small size and high reliability, stand alone or OEM, UV laser, Low energy up to 10mJ, repetition rate up to 500Hz High pulse energy excimer laser enabling creation of FBGs with higher contrast. 140mJ energy at 100Hz
LPX Pro LEAP UV Processing Solutions
LPXpro lasers offered at wavelengths of 193 nm, 248 nm, 308 nm and 351 nm, with output powers as high as 90W at 248 nm.

Pulse energies from 120 mJ up to 1.1 Joule.

Economical industrial excimer laser offered at wavelengths 248 nm and 308 nm, with output powers of 130W and 150W.

The beam quality, high stabilized pulse energy of 650 mJ or 1000 mJ, short pulse length, and high peak power of LEAP lasers combine to optimize UV manufacturing applications.

Coherent develops, designs, and manufactures UV and VUV optical systems, modules, and components for applications such as lift-off separation, drilling, patterning, and annealing.

Sample preparation and job shop services are available for a wide variety of material processing using 351 nm, 308 nm, 248 nm, 193 nm, and 157 nm wavelengths.