Ultrafast Laser Oscillator

Coherent ultrafast lasers are designed and manufactured to provide the best performance, portfolio and support in the industry. Their cutting-edge performance is easily accessible, even for users without expertise in lasers.

Chameleon Family Tunable Vitara Family Fidelity Femtosecond Fibre Laser Oscillator
Chameleon Family Tunable Ultrafast Ti:Sapphire Vitara Family Fidelity Femtosecond Fibre Laser Oscillator
  • Discovery NX – Highest power, widest tuning, dual output femtosecond source for deeper, faster non-linear imaging techniques
  • Ultra – Ultrawide tuning range up to 400 nm, high output power up to >3.5W
  • Vision – The unique prism design enables negative dispersion over the full range – from maximum negative GVD down to 0fs2 – without adding additional optics.
  • Compact OPO – Long wavelength tuning up to 1600 nm, with idler option to extend to 4000 nm
  • Computer controlled adjustable bandwith from <30 nm to >125 nm.
  • Fully automated for hands-free, reliable operation
  • <8 fs pulsewidth capability (Vitara-T)
  • Integrated OPSL pump laser
  • Compact footprint
Deliver short pulsewidths (<55 fs) and high average power (>18W) at 1070 nm in a rugged, compact package

Fidelity Family Specifications

Ultrafast Oscillator Accessories

Harmonics Generator Pulse Picker Synchrolock-ap Vitara CEP Stablizer
Harmonics Generator Vitara CEP Stabilizer Synchrolock-AP Pulse Picker
SHG/THG/FHG accessory for ultrafast laser oscillators. Carrier to Envelope Phase (CEP) Stabilizer accessory for Vitara. Synchronization accessory for Mira and Vitara Ti:Sapphire oscillators. Accessory for Mira and Chameleon to control repetition-rates.