High Energy Ultrafast Laser Amplifier

Our ultrafast amplifier portfolio is the most extensive available. We offer amplified pulse energies from 4 µJ to 100 mJ and repetition-rates from 10 Hz to 300 kHz.

Ultrafast Ti:Sapphire 800nm amplifier Monaco / Monaco HE Opera-F and Opera-HP for Monaco
  • Pulse duration 25fs-110fs, repetition rate 1kH, 5kHz and 10kHz, energy up to 13mJ
  • 1 kHz, 5 kHz and 10 kHz Ultrafast Amplifiers
  • 10 Hz High Energy Ultrafast Amplifiers
  • 250 kHz Ultrafast Amplifiers
The Monaco ultrashort pulse laser provides 60 W of IR, 30 W of green, or 25 W of UV power for 24/7 production environments.

The standard pulsewidth of Monaco is <350 fs for all wavelengths. This pulsewidth is user-adjustable to >10 ps in the IR

Monaco HE provides up to 2 mJ pulse energy (1-10 kHz) and 25W of average power (up to 250 kHz). Delivering a <350 fs pulse width (adjustable up to >10 ps) and user-controlled selection of repetition rate and energy combinations

  • Flexible, user adjustable energy, rep rate, pulse width
  • >2 mJ at 10 kHz
  • >25 W at rep rates up to 250 kHz
  • <350 fs pulse width
  • Variable pulse width up to >10 ps
  • HALT-designed and HASS-verified to ensure quality and reliability
Opera-F Features:

  • Up to 60 W pump power and up to 2 mJ pulse energy
  • Conversion efficiency >10% (signal + idler)
  • Wavelength range 650 nm to 900 nm (signal), 1200 nm to 2500 nm (idler)
  • Pulse widths <100 fs (with
  • optional compressor)

Opera-HP Features:

  • Up to 60 W pump power and up to 1 mJ pulse energy.
  • Conversion efficiency >10% (signal + idler).
  • Wavelength range 630 nm to 1025 nm (signal), 1045 nm to 2600 nm (idler).
  • Wavelength extensions covering 210 nm to 16 µm.
  • Pulse widths 150 fs to 300 fs.
  • Automated tuning and wavelength selection from UV to Near IR.
Carrier-envelope Optical Parametric Amplifiers Harmonic Generator System Single-Shot Autocorrelator
Carrier-envelope phase (CEP) stabilization 1 kHz Optical Parametric Amplifiers Harmonic Generator System (HGS) Single-Shot Autocorrelator (SSA)
  • RMS CEP stability typically sub-200 mrad (10 shots integration)
  • f- to -2f collinear interferometer in separate modulator.
  • For Legend Elite USX and USP models
  • Monolithic housing for mechanical stability
  • Computer-controlled tunable output
  • Energy conversion
  • >30% to 35% to parametric light
  • Modular option for extended tuning from 190 nm to 20 µm
  • Optimized for femtosecond, picosecond or dual operation
  • Reflective imaging optics for minimum pulse width
  • Complete Ti:Sapphire tuning with two optics sets
  • High conversion efficiencies for UV output
  • Measures temporal width of amplified pulses
  • Broad pulse width range: from 20 fs to 2 ps
  • Wavelength coverage in femtosecond   operation from 680 nm to 1100 nm