Imaging System

Bergamo™ II Series Multiphoton Microscopes Multiphoton Mesoscope EnVista™ Whole-Slide-Scanning Research Microscope
The Bergamo™ II Series is Thorlabs’ platform for multiphoton microscopy.

  • 8 kHz and 12 kHz Galvo-Resonant Scanners for High-Speed Imaging
  • Galvo-Galvo Scanners for User-Defined ROI Shapes and Photostimulation Patterns
  • NEW! Spatial Light Modulator for Simultaneous Targeting
  • Super Broadband Scan Optics Optimized for:
  • Photoactivation / Uncaging
  • Two-Photon Imaging
  • NEW! Three-Photon Imaging
  • NEW! Co-Registered Confocal Imaging

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  • Enables Functional Imaging within a Ø5 mm Field of View
  • Scans can be Configured over Whole Field of View or over Multiple Non-Contiguous Regions
  • Microscope Body Enables ±20° Rotation Around Sample and Fine XYZ Motion
  • Remote Focusing Mirror for Fast Axial Control over 1 mm Travel Range
  • Enclosure Provides Large Working Volume for Specimen and Experimental Apparatus
  • Field of View can Move While Specimen Remains Fixed
  • Technology Used Under License from HHMI’s Janelia Research Campus

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High-Speed Scanning of Whole Slides Based on Patented Object Scanning Charge Accumulated Readout (OSCAR™):
– Image 10 mm x 10 mm at 15Xa in 35 seconds
– Image 10 mm x 10 mm at 31Xa in 94 seconds

72 mm x 107 mm Maximum Scan Area

Complete Microscope Systems Configurable for the Following Widefield Techniques:
– Fluorescence Imaging
– Brightfield Imaging
– Combination Brightfield and Fluorescence Imaging

Fast, Dynamic Autofocus:
– Operates on the Moving Slide
– Eliminates the Need for Focus Maps

Monochrome and Color Imaging Available

Exposures from 4 ms to 300 ms

High-Performance PC with Software and Camera Control Boards
– Non-Proprietary File Formats for Image Export and Viewing
– Full-Featured GUI for Data Acquisition and Visualization (See the Advantages and Software Tabs for Details)